VIP Club

It is said that the average person has a close family (grandparents to children) of 10 people that is 10 birthdays per year, 2-3 anniversaries, 1 Christmas, Valentines day, Mothers day and Fathers day.

Are you just going to leave it to chance that they ‘pop’ onto your website?

Not us, we are going to actively invite them in..

80% of brands do not have a loyalty programme in their marketing strategy!


In the beginning of 2020, the worlds’ largest shift ever of ‘Bricks to Clicks’ shopping occurred. All ages of buyers were forced to the internet to satisfy their shopping requirements, and this has continued to grow throughout the end of the year.

M-Commerce has started to overtake E-Commerce, with 64% of purchases now happening via mobile devices, and yet over 80% of retailers fail to give anything back to these loyal customers.

We have introduced ‘VIP Club as a standard feature on all of our sites, which will enable you to reward your customers for their loyalty and help them navigate back to your site when looking for the next gift they need to buy.

Points will be allocated per purchase and we will work this out directly with each retailer.

We will help you develop and hone your loyalty programme by consulting with you to decide what works best for your specific business model.

Some suggestions of reward might be:

When special occasions are on the horizon, you can offer to take the points in return for a 10-15% discount for example on a larger purchase, thus keeping the spend in the store. Customers adore this loyalty scheme as they always get rewarded for their commitment to your business. Our architecture enables us to go far beyond just transactions to develop a full picture of your customers activity within your extended digital presence.Integration with Onepage CRM will enable the collection of data, and with this data, we can do wonders!

Management of Loyalty Schemes is absolutely critical.

  • 43% of companies with loyalty schemes do not collect enough data to allow them to make crucial time sensitive offers, such as date of birth.
  • 40% of purchasers do not leave post-purchase reviews – 40%!! This is a CRITICAL purchase driver. People regularly search reviews before purchasing items so it makes sense to harvest reviews from happy customers.