Becoming Digitally Empowered

Our team of experienced marketeers will connect all of you profiles across all social media platforms that you use, and prepare the site for a seamless, smooth user experience. Our packages for marketing start from £350 per month up to the sky’s the limit.

We understand fully how google works, its algorithms, SEO, Experience Optimisation, Paid Search, Paid SM ads, Promotions and more.We will leverage all the above to generate traffic and results toa plan that is designed and agreed with you, the customer.

Different to our competitors, your success is our success, so we start at your end goal and work backwards to deliver a plan that will achieve it.


Where needed, at the outset of our engagement, we will create your brand guidelines which will form the companies look and feel over all platforms going forwards. This is a critical part of the process to ensure your business looks the same everywhere it is seen.It becomes immediately recognisable.



We know that your business needs will change quickly and without warning, take COVID-19 as an example, one day business as usual, three weeks later the whole market changed and E-Commerce sales went up by 74% overnight. So speed to react and change plans means we have to keep our plans fluid and adjustable.


With our experts constantly evaluating what works on the web, where sales are taking place, where the referrals are coming from (Facebook, Instagram, Google), we will fine tine your websites content to place your products in front of the people that are searching for them.  Our keyword and search algorithms are cleverly calculated to generate results.  We will analyse your current data, your client base, sales territory, age range and ensure that all content is correctly delivered where it is sought.

Because our background is in Jewellery, we know your market.  We know what works and though our own D2C sites, we whatever you can come up with, we have tested it and have demonstrable results.  We understand how to sell your product.  Whether this be through ad creation, localised digital marketing, and tight demographic social media, we will get you to your buyers.



Pay-Per-Click is one of the most cost effective marketing methods available to E and M-Commerce retailers. We will selectively target your audience via assessing demographics, purchasing power, location and search means to deliver visible, real time results that are visible to you in your monthly analytics report.



Within your website, we will set up a data dashboard that gives you all the information relevant to the traffic your website is attracting. We will know where the visitors are, what country, how they got here, how long they are on the website, how many pages they see and their abandoned carts, plus many more relevant stats that ENABLE us to fine tune your marketing. If it shows more people find you via Facebook, guess where we concentrate our efforts? These tools on the ‘Dashboard’ really enable us to get a detailed top down view of the business.



PPC – Pay-Per-Click campaigns give quantifiable, visible results and quickly.  You will not have to wait many days to see what is happening, you will know how people saw your advert, how the acted, what they clicked on, which keywords attracted them, and what sales ensued.


By the nature of PPC, we can put the advert in front of a very carefully selected audience.  We can select the location, the age of the intended recipient, time the ads are visible, gender, income levels, etc. In short we can place your ads in front of the people most likely to buy it.



Google’s algorithms change constantly, so we make sure our team are on top of what works and what has changed.  The E-Commerce and M-Commerce landscape has changed dramatically over the years, and its rate of change is getting faster and faster. If an advert of yours is not performing, we will analyse why and amend accordingly, change keywords, demographics etc to ensure you get the most return for your investment.