With BOTH, the seamless integration of third Party Apps provides for a scalable solution that will grow with your business.  Third party apps allow us to work with independent software vendors to integrate their software into your website and provide enhanced functionality that will allow your website to do far more than just process transactions.  It will become the hub of your business.

See some examples of popular integrations below:


To create the highest performing e-commerce  website, we need to gather data first and foremost. Within your website, we will integrate a data dashboard that provides critical information about the traffic and transactions that your website is processing. 

We will know where the visitors are, what country, how they got here, how long they are on the website, how many pages they see and their abandoned carts, plus many more relevant stats that ENABLE us to fine tune your marketing. 

If it shows more people find you via Facebook, guess where we concentrate our efforts?  These tools on the ‘Dashboard’ really enable us to get a detailed top down view of the business.